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To protect your files, ukeepit fragments them and encrypts each fragment with AES256 encryption before putting them on your favorite clouds. No single cloud has the whole file.

Encryption and splitting is the most secure way to protect your data on the clouds.


How do I setup the software?

After the installation, only two pieces of information need to be entered:

  • a master password (which will be used to encrypt your folders), and
  • the location(s) where you want to store the encrypted files. These locations could be the DropBox folder, Google Drive folder, or even a network drive or a USB key.

What should be my password?

Your password should be a long phrase. The longer it is the safer it is. You can use different cases, symbols, numbers, as well as spaces. All you files are encrypted using the key generated from this password. Once chosen, you should note the password and keep it safely.

I only use one cloud service, do I get all the security?

Sure. UKeepIt splits files, encrypts each piece, and distributes the pieces on your storage locations. So there are three layers of security it provides: encryption, splitting, and distribution. If only one storage location is provided, you still get the protection of encryption and splitting, which more than what the best competing solutions can provide.

What if I lose my password?

If you lose your password, you may not be able to decrypt the encrypted files when you set-up UKeepIt on a different machine. So please take care of it. However, if your original, unencrypted files are untouched, there is no reason to panic. Just re-encrypt all your files with a new password, and keep the password safely this time.

Can I change my master password?

Yes. Click on the UKeepIt tray icon (bottom right on your Windows machine) and choose the option to change your password. You will be asked to enter your current password to change it to a different one.

After encrypting a folder, I added a new file to it. Will it be automatically encrypted?

Yes, when a file or a folder is added to an already encrypted folder, or a change is made to an existing file in the encrypted folder, these changes are automatically synchronized with the encrypted version on the storage locations.

Where is the key stored?

The key is stored on your computer and is never sent anywhere.

Why is the encryption process taking so long?

This will only happen if your file is very large (more than 2GB). Otherwise, UKeepIt is quite fast at securing most files.

What kind of encryption do you provide?

We use the trusted AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Can I encrypt individual files?

No, at the moment, UKeepIt only lets you encrypt folders. If you want to protect a files, place it in a folder and secure it using UKeepIt.

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ukeepit is not affiliated with or endorsed by the companies providing the cloud services like Dropbox, Box, or Google drive.
ukeepit works with any storage location or device to which it is provided access.